Balance in the Treepots
Europos Parkas near Vilnius
Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture
Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio, USA
ART MUST GET OUT OF MUSEUMS AND REACH THE PEOPLE - Panel Discussion at Old Westbury Gardens
Balance in Nature
Exhibit in Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, NY
Great success! - Jerzy Kędziora at ARTZUID 2019
in Amsterdam
The Art of Balance
Fairchild Botanic Garden
The Polish Public Art Trail in Singapore
A Little Rafter is a new citizen of Sandomierz
The Oarsman in Mstów
Balancing sculptures in Jurmala - Latvia
Overhead Evolutions
5. Krakow's Young Wine Festival
The Balancing Maid's Decade
Personal Structures - Open Borders, Venice
Quadruplets of the Rafter
Baranów, Kazimierz,
Puławy, Sandomierz
Between the Water and the Sky, Krakow
Mariacki Organ Festival in Krakow
Witold Zalewski
Lenten Concert in Krakow

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