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Event: 5. Krakow's Young Wine Festival

Stara Zajezdnia, Kraków

November 11, 2017

On St. Martin - a patron of winemakers - the fifth edition of the 5. Krakow's Young Wine Festival will take place. During the Festival a young wine from 2017 year will be presented. With it will be celebrated the end of the harvest. The band Szetl and DJ Krzak will play, and manufacters of natural local products, including Polish goose, will take care of the guests' palates.

In Stara Zajezdnia there will also be handed the St. Martin Prizes - for exepcional merits in the promotion of Polish wine and St. Martin's tranditions. The prize in the form of St. Martin's statuette was designed by Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora. This year's wine festival will also be honored by the inauguration of the monument of St. Martin created by Jerzy Kędziora, which will be situated in the vineyards of Srebrna Góra.

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