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Project: Residential Area Kado Karim

Installation of Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora's balancing sculptures

Jurmala, Latvia


Two sculptures by Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora became the very important part of the Kado Karim - a world-class national architectural project in Latvia. This unique residentail area in the center of Jurmala, a seaside resort near Riga, is the realization of the idea of the world-famous architect and designer Karim Rashid. The project introduces a new philosophy and a new spirit into the idea of "the art of living and living with art". Inviting the Polish sculptor to this loud project is a recognition of the artist's talent and creative achievements, and combining them with Karim Rashid's mind - though unexpected and surprising - fully justified. It is a confirmation of Jerzy Kędziora's independent position in contemporary art in open spaces.


Balancing sculptural compositions of young acrobats, living by the movement of nature, placed in the center of the Rashidian assumption at the height of the windows are designed to focus the attention of residents on the spiritual values of artistic objects, and to bring together and harmonize intercourse.

From an aesthetic point of view, the permanent oscillation of the sculptures placed on the rope plinths fits in and emphasizes the smooth-rhythmic spaces of the architectural solution.


On August 21, the residential area of the Kado Karim complex was officially opened. The architectural creation itself with its designer equipment gives the impression of being in a unique place, even a bit magical, and it is forced by the pieces of art that are permanently and temporarily displayed around.

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