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Exhibition: Between the Water and the Sky - Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora

Bernatka's Footbridge, Krakow

Since September 8, 2016

The Art & Balance Foundation together with the artist Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora invite to a special exhibition of sculptures "Between the Water and the Sky", which can already be admired at Bernatka's Footbridge in Krakow.
The exhibition, consisting of 9 unique sculptures, is an open event addressed both to the creators and the art lovers, as well as to all random viewers passing through the footbridge to the other side of the Vistula River.
The exhibition has transformed the bridge into a quaint gallery of contemporary art that allows viewers to freely interpret and reflect.
The aim of the venture was to introduce art into the urban space, nature, to bring it out of the museum and gallery, so that it would become present in the daily life of the recipient.

From the artist: “In the common sense, a bridge is the shortest and the easiest passage over the river. In particular cases, that construction and an exceptional structure can provoke different thoughts, emotions, reflections, and experiences. It is the simplest way to reach a new, different world, our ideal, or an unknown place.


The journey through the way of dreams with the works of art and the stream of water intensifies some reflections and inspires new ones. Those places are becoming the bridges of sighs, love, memories, and also important art galleries".


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