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Exhibition: Overhead Evolutions - Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora

Park Zdrojowy, Rabka-Zdrój

July 14, 2017 - May 6, 2018

The Art&Balance Foundation together with the Municipal Cultural Center in Rabka-Zdrój prepared an exterior exhibition of Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora titled "Overhead Evolutions".


"This sky-high presentation consisted of seven balancing sculptures, which appeared on the Promenade, in the Park and the Amphitheater, intriguing the patients and the residents walking around here, as well as the children to whom the exhibition is largely addressed. The artist, choosing the works, focused on those representing children, because Rabka is called the City of Children, due to the many sanatories that are active there, devoted to them.

In the Amphitheater were placed statues of young acrobats, performing difficult gymnastic evolutions on a shifting line and through their dynamism seem to put in motion the sashes, circle or balls they hold. You can also see sculptures above the Promenade referring to Picasso's acrobats from the pink period of his work. In the central part of the Park and near Tężnia we will see a group of acrobats with chairs doing impressive rope exercises.


The exhibition of sculptures is complemented by an presentation of large-format photographs by Bartłomiej Kędziora, son of the artist. The photos have immortalized balancing compositions that were presented at Jerzy Kędziora's world exhibitions of Jerzy Kędziore taking place in various corners of the world - in the Middle East, California and Florida.

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