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Jerzy "Jotka" Kędziora's exhibition as part of the open gallery
AILYOS 2021 - Art and Nature - Transformation
Aigle - Leysin - Col des Mosses, Switzerland
July 1 - October 24, 2021

The Swiss Region of Aigle, Leysin and Col des Mosses is organizing the open gallery AILYOS - Art and Nature for the fourth time. Jerzy Kędziora is the first Polish artist invited to present his sculptures at this outdoor art festival. Viewers will be able to see 9 balancing sculptures installed in various spaces - urban, sacred, high in the mountains. The festival will consist of 33 works by 28 artists.


Jerzy Kędziora, Conjurer. Photo by Bartek Kędziora

From the artist: Exhibiting is an important form of my creative activities at the moment. I am looking for new areas and new spaces to arrange my art. Its distinguishing feature, balance, natural kinetism results from the influence of natural factors surrounding it. Here I had the opportunity to confront my works against the background of magnificent, high mountains, and at the same time in an urbanized area. It is an interesting challenge in terms of installation.

It is also another experience in comparing my creative endeavors with the achievements of other artists in the same exhibition areas. I am always curious about the reaction of a new, culturally shaped viewer-recipient to my artistic statement. It is always an interesting event that gives a broader reflection.


The artist and the Foundation would like to thank Mr. Arek Śmigielski for his commitment and help in organizing the exhibition.

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