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about us

Our mission

The Foundation's goals:

  1. to cultivate and promote national heritage within the country and abroad; 

  2. to popularize, initiate, and broaden the knowledge concerning contemporary art and culture, including Polish sculpturing; 

  3. to support, promote, solidify, and preserve the works of Jerzy Jotka Kędziora and his family; 

  4. to reclaim the significance and presence of art – especially sculpturing - within the social and public space, maintaining its cultural continuity; 

  5. to popularize and support the exchange of information and experiences between people and institutions acting within the field of contemporary art and culture; 

  6. to take care of the awareness of citizens in terms of issues concerning contemporary culture and art, especially taking into consideration the works of Polish artistic sculpturing.

Foundation Board

Monika Kędziora-Frej – Chairman of the Board

Bartłomiej Kędziora – Vice-chairman of the Board

Mikołaj Nicer – Member of the Board

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